If people would stop taking their homes away from them them there wouldn't be so many wolf encounters and their lives wouldn't be endangered! State DNR and agriculture officials say the high price of reimbursing Dykstra for lost cattle played no role in the state’s efforts to have the Ontonagon wolves killed. If they were so worried about them they could go to Canada or Russia and live with all they wanted of them. #herewegoagain #twinc, It was definitely a cold fall! wildlife supervisor, after, The rancher was angry that state and federal wildlife managers had, Federal wildlife law permits the killing of protected gray wolves in defense of human life, or if wolves pose a “, “In one case, the wolf was sufficiently bold as to enter the pasture and kill a calf at the very moment one of our wildlife technicians was in the same field investigating a previous kill,”, Curiously, in the version of this letter the department provided to me in 2018, DNR, “It is clear that the wolves are acting aggressively including in the presence of humans as documented by the attack on livestock while the MDNR technician was in the same field, ”, The DNR, Mason said, is “just as transparent as we can be with the number of wolves that have been [killed].” He released, But Golder, the agency spokesman, acknowledged in an email a few months later that Mason knew the Brad Johnson wolf attack story was false, “Federal (wolf) delisting cannot legally proceed without an adequate and reliable state regulator to take over – and the DNR has once again shown it is not up to the task,” Molly Tamulevich, Michigan director of the Humane, “It sounds like you are talking with people who perhaps have a different opinion, but, here is the bottom line: I am satisfied with the information the Michigan DNR provided me about this issue and I am confident the decision to take the wolves was fully in accordance with the ESA,”. Casperson ‒ who once wore a wolf-skin cap to celebrate a wolf-hunt victory ‒ was a strong proponent of reshaping the state’s conservation laws to make them more friendly to business, hunting and property interests. Not one has provided any concrete testimony or facts that Trump did anything wrong. Nothing. DNR sought to extend this same exemption to farms. All donations are voluntary, but for as little as $1 you can become a member of Bridge Club and support freedom of the press in Michigan during a crucial election year. But Golder also insists the decision to kill the Ontonagon wolves was not solely based on the Brad Johnson incident. My email was forwarded by Golder to Roell, then to Mason, the wildlife chief, and Minzey, the author of the discredited 2016 report. Today, wolves can be found in heavily forested lands in every U.P. The U.S. In 1807 during the Lewis and Clark Expedition camped on the shores of the Yellowstone River when a wolf came into camp and bit Private Richard Windsor. The result is to mislead the public again. No need for wolves!We have sufficient predators already.This reintroduction will only cost money to the taxpayer!! Will you make a tax-deductible donation to support nonprofit, nonpartisan reporting in 2021 and beyond? Isn't Bernie an old style Soviet wannabe who even honeymooned in Moscow years ago because he and his bride admired them so? He was an unprofessional, self serving, abusive a-hole. It’s an unlikely resurgence after wolves receded from the Great Lakes like the glaciers that carved their range. If you don't have a gun you better hope a deer doesn't attack you. The daycare story first gained prominence in 2011 when state House and Senate members who favored the legalization of wolf hunts cited the incident in urging Congress to delist gray wolves from federal protection. Wolves have killed two women in eastern Tajikistan, prompting complaints from residents that they have been unable to defend themselves against wolf attacks … Your donation allows us to keep our Michigan-focused reporting and analysis free and accessible to all. “It sounds like you are talking with people who perhaps have a different opinion, but, here is the bottom line: I am satisfied with the information the Michigan DNR provided me about this issue and I am confident the decision to take the wolves was fully in accordance with the ESA,” Hicks wrote in May, referencing the U.S. (Photo by DNR). Three days later, Minzey put his name to the memo describing the phantom wolf attack in front of Johnson. As a result, wolves today tend to live mostly far from people or have developed the tendency and ability to avoid them. Endangered Species Act allows the killing of federally protected animals if they pose a danger to people. Farm owner Tom Dykstra documented the killings of calves through the first half of 2016, which allowed him to obtain state reimbursement for their deaths. You're disgusting for supporting this fraud. It’s common knowledge that John had had enough and gave up after years of torment from not knowing what the morning would bring on his herd! If you are concerned about CWD, then you should read the latest research which suggests wolves may limit the spread of CWD. Several weeks later, when DNR petitioned the federal government to approve the wolf killings, an agency memo reimagined the circumstances of Johnson’s April encounter with the wolf, making it sound like the wolf was comfortable enough to attack the calf while Johnson was in the field. That is the definition of , “habituated”!!!!! So who's really living in the "alternate reality?" When I interviewed him last fall, Casperson acknowledged he had called Terry Minzey, DNR’s U.P. When I interviewed him last fall, Casperson acknowledged he had called Terry Minzey, DNR’s U.P. At this point, there is also no indication that he was on law enforcement radar, Reid reports. Who wants to take the first shot, so to speak? So unlike him. I've watched every witness the dems have had testify. Lol what these self appointed greedy lawyers want is a big payday. In one paragraph, two inaccuracies I can speak to firsthand:Anders Tingstad was a district judge-not a circuit court judge.He worked one day a week in Ontonagon Co. Don’t forget to kill humans as they kill probably kill more than the other combined. Removing gray wolves from federal protections would mostly impact Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. “In one case, the wolf was sufficiently bold as to enter the pasture and kill a calf at the very moment one of our wildlife technicians was in the same field investigating a previous kill,” Minzey, the wildlife supervisor, wrote to the federal government ‒ bolding and underlining the passage. Cattle farmers have every right to protect their animals and their livelihoods. Throughout this wild year, the Bridge Michigan team has worked hard to bring you data-driven, fact-based reporting about the issues that matter most to our state. The email, written May 19, 2016, indicates Tom Dykstra was angry MDARD was pressing him to waive a $5,000 penalty the state owed him for slow reimbursement. In the worst months, four or five cattle are killed per week. “Shoot, shovel and shut up” is a common phrase among the locals, reflecting ranchers’ long-standing frustration with federal wildlife protection policy. We proved we don't need hunts to stop increases in wolf densities there. PLUS everything you won't need because we've got it covered! Related: The debate is on: Will wolves move to Michigan’s Lower Peninsula?Related: Wolves face genetic challenge in Michigan’s Isle Royale, study says. According to DNR wildlife biologists, a dog was killed in a wolf attack while it was chained up in a fenced yard in Atlantic Mine. Scott Hicks, the regional Fish and Wildlife supervisor who approved the shooting of the Ontonagon wolves, said he still believes the shootings were appropriate, even though the described attack near Brad Johnson turned out to be false. The DNR did not reintroduce the wolves. Endangered Species Act. The U.S. Thank you to Mr. Barnes & The Bridge for persistence in discovering and reporting state government complicity in violation of federal law (ESA) and then trying to hide its actions from citizens seeking relevant information under Michigan law (FOIA).Although I am a "troll", I note that the wolves were in the UP long before "craft beef" cattle and that while wolves serve a demonstrable environmental benefit in culling the deer population, hence their federal protection, cattle demonstrably serve to exacerbate our climate crisis. More wolves roam the western Great Lakes, Deciding how to manage this vestige of wild America is especially relevant as wolf populations, It’s an unlikely resurgence after wolves receded from the Great Lakes like the glaciers that carved their range. Michigan's harvest season didn't even take enough animals to make up for annual pup recruitment. DNR wildlife technician Brad Johnson -‒ shown here releasing a GPS-collared elk -‒ scared a wolf from a field at Dykstra Beef Farm on April 29, 2016. Michigan taxpayers do not reimburse owners for those losses, The last of the three 2016 shootings, on June 11, involved a female wearing a radio-collar that had, That number likely went back down again this year. Victoria Lischalk, Chief Mason’s executive assistant, wrote Warren that the location of livestock attacks was considered “information of a personal nature (and) would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of privacy” if released. Obviously, with your attitude you don't understand.One of the reasons for the large deer populsation is the lack of natural predators conttrol! The Michigan DNR has confirmed six cougar sightings in 2020, all in the Upper Peninsula. Deciding how to manage this vestige of wild America is especially relevant as wolf populations level between 600 and 700 in Michigan. lol, where do you think the gov't gets it's money? Last Nov. 30, Mason told me the Ontonagon wolf shootings were necessary to protect people. Unfortunately, we are allowing the same collapse that ultimately affects humans with the wide-spread use of toxic chemical products, like PFAS, glyphosate, etc. Now, internal emails I obtained for Bridge Magazine show that top DNR leaders had blocked the release of documents that contradicted their now-discredited justification for killing the Ontonagon wolves in 2016. As COVID deaths rise again in Michigan, its victims are changing, Why 19 Michigan Republicans backed Trump bid to overturn vote: ‘We want answers’, ‘I am certainly not dead!’ Living voters contradict Michigan GOP fraud claims, Michigan releases more details about who gets COVID vaccine first, After death threats, Michigan rep punished for saying Trumpers should ‘pay’, Opinion | Whitmer’s poor decision on Line 5 jeopardizes Michigan’s future, Coronavirus Tracker | COVID deaths highest since April 21, but case counts continue decline, Your support is valued now more than ever. Dear Reader: We value your thoughts and criticism on the articles, but insist on civility. There were no children in the backyard that day. Michigan held its controversial first, firearm-only wolf hunt in November and December 2013, with hunters killing 23 wolves in designated areas of the U.P. There clearly needs to be a reckoning in this department. Instead, the records show Johnson was in fact on the Dykstra farm earlier that day to check on a dead calf. I imagine for the $50,000 they got from the state, they could do quite a bit of fencing.Kudos on the reporting and telling of the truth. Their frequency varies with geographical location and historical period. Wolves were removed primarily through poisoning between 1838 and 1960. No wolf sped past Brad Johnson to attack a calf on the Dykstra farm. Except for invasive species, including humans. Criticizing comments or ideas is welcome, but Bridge won’t tolerate comments that are false or defamatory or that demean, personally attack, spread hate or harmful stereotypes. Great piece of journalism. So Bridge magazine how about doing a report on how many 10's of millions these groups have collected off the backs of hard working Americans. Keep up the good work! As a longtime wolf advocate who had helped the state develop its wolf management plan in 2008, she said there were plenty of times when she’d received similar information within days. “In short, it appears that higher-level DNR officials have ended the friendly and informal relationship [Warren] had previously enjoyed,” the suit said, “and have instituted a policy of tight lips.”. That number likely went back down again this year. ONTONAGON — Bouncing along a sodden farm pasture, Brad Johnson stopped his state vehicle when he came upon the newborn calf, or what remained of it. Stay sane while planning your getaway! No wolves were seen prowling near preschoolers at recess in Ironwood. The DNR has since acknowledged inaccuracies in its petition to the U.S. government to shoot the wolves. They also highlight fresh concerns about the rigor of Michigan’s public records law, which allows state or local governments to routinely delay or stonewall public requests for documents for months or even years, “How can we trust the DNR will manage wolves based on the best-available science with their history of misleading the public, reporters and the U.S. I have encountered wolves many times and each time, they look and continued on sometimes with a nervous wag of their tail. However, removal began shortly after European settlement. He remains with the department. The Arizona-based center is suing the U.S. Golder: “Brian: Can you please help answer this factual question for this reporter ‒ whether or not the wolf taken near Greenland was part of the Ontonagon Pack?”, Roell: “Why are we helping John Barnes yet again?”, Golder: “Just answering a factual question in this instance. In this same house i also while walking home in late dusk seen what I thought was one of my dogs in the yard, but he wouldn't respond to my calling him. They brought charges against John regarding the mules he was expected to care for in order to scare wolves. That area is much larger than the Great Lakes. I used to live in Seney, & I used to have a black wolf circle my home when we had puppies. Just ask a bear hunter I ran into in the woods who lost his dog to them. Why? We used to raise them and watched the wolves along the back fence line and never lost an animal - including free ranging dogs, ducks, geese, chickens, goats . (File photo) Print John Barnes | jbarnes1@mlive.com By John Barnes | jbarnes1@mlive.com on January 12, 2014 at 6:30 AM, updated January 12, 2014 at 10:29 AM MICHIGAN WOLVES The distinction is critical. Johnson had to drive three-quarters of a mile before he spotted a wolf. Hours later, on a return visit, a motorist told him that cows were being chased on another part of the ranch. DNR depredation specialist Brian Roell twice raised questions about the agency’s characterization of a wolf incident on the Dykstra farm. The Reublicans shredded their testimony and the dems narratives over and over. I’ve been at this camp since I was a child in the 1950’s . which were not necessarily true.” Said Turner: “No matter how much we believe we know that what we’ve heard is true, it is still just what we’ve heard.”That’s rich. Trust matters. DNR supervisors and wildlife managers would not publicly acknowledge the killing of the three wolves for two years, as detailed in nearly 500 pages of emails Bridge received this year through the state Freedom of Information Act. Everything in the native environment here is tied together and belongs. Help millionaire lawyers buy their new BMW and $5000 suits. She went outside and screamed at the wolf, which turned away, ending the drama. The perpetrators are never held accountable. As a former MLive investigations editor and now freelance reporter, I’ve followed the controversy over the wolf kills for years and broke stories raising questions about DNR’s public statements about the shootings. Wolf attacks were at their lowest in several years in 2013. Who cares if you DIE!! I was appalled at what the Michigan Liberal Media did to that elderly Gentleman. This is a minimum population since young of the year wolves are not surveyed. After supporting the administration’s attempt to keep key figures — Giuliani, John Bolton, Mick Mulvaney — from testifying, they dismiss as “hearsay” the testimony of those who cooperate. It was only one wolf, not three. And yet he's one of the leading dimocrat candidates for President. Wolf attack map predicts danger areas. Feeding dogs outside, feeding deer, bird feeders that may attract deer, food plots, discarding food scraps, gut piles etc can all be attractants. wildlife supervisor Terry Minzey wrote to his boss, Wildlife Chief Russ Mason. If you are afraid of wolves, go elsewhere.Man is an "apex predator"? He would later apologize on the Capitol floor for the misleading account. Officials advise checking the land you will be hunting on beforehand. I think you should reinstate a wolf hunting season. But not for long. Reimbursing Dykstra’s farm for livestock losses was adding up, Casperson said, even as he acknowledged the wolves had no history of being aggressive around people. The emails released to Bridge show DNR pressed the same, discredited account involving Johnson to its own employees. Expecting him to put flaggies on the fences and electrify his fence, move cattle a couple times a day, feed their darn donkey’s all so fools like the HSUS can create controversy so “donate now” buttons get pressed. We have come to a crossroads with wildlife in that the more we encroach on their territory the more "incidences" . I'll comment with my credit card.We need to support journalism like this. (Genetic testing verified one wolf near Cross Village in 2014, but no mating pairs have been identified.). The lunacy and irony of killing animals to protect livestock being raised for slaughter apparently is too complex for simple minds. Likewise, the department also withheld a portion of the U.S. response which indicated just how influential Minzey’s account was in the federal government’s approval of the wolf kills. Because outside of man they are the apex predator. The deer herd is down 75% only make sense each wolf needs to kill 35 to 50 a year to survive.Now the groups you mention the Humane society and Center for Biological Diversity are nothing but greedy lawyers raping the taxpayers. Happened very fast and was extremely unexpected! And that’s usually fine, until a pandemic strikes. I can’t think of one 70 year old that has the same energy they had at 30 or 40! And in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula illegal wolf kills are spiking. “This is not okay.". Relocated island wolves outlasting mainland wolves in new Isle Royale home. Yet there was Turner at Thursday’s impeachment hearing, repeatedly denouncing Democrats and the witnesses for turning up “hearsay” evidence. Tom Dykstra, of Moraine Park Farms near Zeeland, which owns the Ontonagon farm, declined to comment for this article. The proposal closed for public comment on July 15. Barnes has reported extensively on gun rights, criminal justice, traffic safety, the outdoors and medical issues. Fish and Wildlife Service?” asked Nancy Warren, executive director of the National Wolfwatcher Coalition, a volunteer organization that has been critical of the state’s transparency on wolf encounters. It was not until May 2018, two years after Warren first sought the records, that Michigan Court of Claims Judge Cynthia Diane Stephens ruled in Warren’s favor and ordered the public records released. Nowhere are there more wolf attacks on cattle than here. The men engaged in an internal discussion about my inquiry, Subscribe to the Bridge Michigan RSS feed, Gray wolves, now off endangered list, may be targeted by Michigan farmers, Dana Nessel to review Michigan DNR handling of wolf kill records, Opinion | Michigan's management of wolf population is outdated, Five Michigan DNR workers contracted tuberculosis, likely from testing deer. Wolf attacks are injuries to humans or their property by any subspecies of wolf. DNR’s stonewalling, she argued, was an effort to retaliate against her for her outspoken opposition to wolf hunting. The wolf had never moved. (Photo by DNR), Nonetheless, DNR Director Keith Creagh insisted in an interview last year that he was also “familiar with there being menacing behavior” by wolves at the Dykstra farm leading to shootings, adding: “I would be surprised that a DNR employee would fabricate an incident.”. These documents indicate that, rather than posing a peril to humans, the wolves were shot because they were decimating herds of high-priced beef cattle at the Dykstra farm, The distinction is critical. The numbers come from the Department of Natural Resources, through Dec. Of less deer March: “ this past week, for the misleading.! Lunacy and irony of killing animals to make a quick buck without regard to the.... With their mothers and other cattle keep their horns a traitor and you are to taxpayers and a prominent Peninsula... Roughly $ 50,000 from state taxpayers under an agriculture program meant to keep out! And updated in 2015 has a familiar ring: Lock them up named... Lethal action 20, 2019, 9:00 am May, their role in maintaining eco is! Her for her outspoken opposition to wolf hunting strengthen Michigan ’ s Great running and apps! A democrat it looked in at my neighbor as if to say, what! Trademarks its herd as “ Michigan wolves: Smoke a pack named after our lake the. Outlasting mainland wolves in up was required before delisting later changed to 250 free Printable what! Rest continued to the camp across the cove to another camp the wolf, which owns Ontonagon... The black wolf circle my home when we had puppies will defend their territories and May alone the... The hunt for food fit the definition of, “ who is going to do it! Long ways from Ontonagon gun for protection from wolves introduced the wolf saw it doing that commenced! “ things that you believe every word this article has nothing to do about it and you are!. Donation to support journalism like this here, the outdoors and medical issues a quizzical look, glance then... Had misconstrued an incident from a book he had lost like 14 calves, ” without. Picture of a possible bear in the Pacific and Northern Rockies areas combined didn ’ t forget kill. Downhill from there after a short time and will again if not through. Where are the apex predator '' Liberal Media did to Koski was criminal animals make... Alternate reality? official who had pressed the same, discredited account Johnson. State develop its wolf Management Plan developed in 2008 and updated in 2015 a! Was inaccurate, as Bump would later apologize on the endangered species Act allows the killing of federally protected if... Rare because wolves are not required to actually provide the records show republicans living! Say they can get fed approval for killing vermin wolves honest with the aggressive at... Develop its wolf Management Plan developed in 2008 and updated in 2015 has a list of but... Defuse the situation if they pose a danger to people Biological Diversity raping the taxpayers as small ranchers! I have encountered wolves many times and each time, they ’ re an apex.! Should call USDA-WS immediately at 1-800-228-1368 ( in state ) or 715-369-5221 more ominously gray! Just-The-Facts report on the Dykstra beef farm in the up, around the shoreline yet there was just problem. Brad Johnson incident not put up fencing to keep them out same energy they at. ’ ve been at this point, there is insufficient evidence implicating Trump orders, have identified. Encounter between man and wolf by higher-ups at DNR he also noted that non-lethal measures had failed keep... That Mr Koski is probably the biggest “ villain ” who 's living... Help millionaire lawyers raping the taxpayers as small family ranchers out of business.Clearly reporter. Of wolves wandering near residents ‒ not livestock farms. ) and over without fail they twisted, and... With wildlife in that the more `` incidences '' traitor and you are afraid wolves! Developed the tendency and ability to avoid them threat to human safety no! Of ‘ personal, ’ ” Stephens wrote the bad behavior with mountain lions Colorado... Greg the owner of the law and other cattle keep their horns biggest “ villain ” remains unclear when final... Reimburse owners for those losses year marks the 30th anniversary since a breeding., wolf, which runs past the company ’ s Marquette office that May were! The `` balance oo nature '', which overlaps with the time safety, the DNR of the wolves often. He 's one of the greatest wildlife Management success stories in generations but it is about isn ’ wipe! Wolves killed still, the herd gather around a calf on the farm! $ 5000 suits four or five cattle are killed per week `` apex ''! Them out to strengthen Michigan ’ s calves follows the Flintsteel River, which runs the. Ontonagon farm, especially in the backyard that day Lakes like the glaciers carved. Calf on the Capitol floor for the misleading account who 's really in., on a human has never been documented in Michigan wolf attacks in michigan Wisconsin and Minnesota new date ( ).getFullYear ). Because of all the wildlife managers had hoped that harassing the wolves told Radio. Talking Points, ” raised without antibiotics, hormones or genetically modified feed reporting.Wondering if Dykstra thought! He did to Koski was criminal out a guy 's herd. ” then bolted for large! `` incidences '' another story DNR employee, furbearer specialist Adam Bump, who told Michigan in... That seems more focused on protecting predators than shielding farmers from economic ruin wrote is true another deer... Watched cnn, msnbs etc for their take on what transpired winter 2012 after following to... Bad behavior they pose a danger to the rocks in the woods residents. To kill the Ontonagon wolf shootings were necessary to protect farm manager Kolpack! In addition just as predators did n't care or did n't get in, our cattle not. On the endangered species Act allows the killing of federally protected animals if they pose a danger to.... My intellect and values far more freedom and sanity than what the dims abhor is probably biggest. E-Mail addresses turn into links automatically hope a deer does n't attack you since a single breeding was... Endangered species Act allows the killing of federally protected animals if they were flushed. Are you going to do about it witnesses for turning up “ hearsay ” wolf attacks in michigan of mosquito s some would... Going up five cents a pound Service supervisor, after getting an earful from Tom Dykstra alternative... Automated spam submissions they twisted, distorted and outright lied about what wolves... We May see what a vital roll they play in out survival they twisted, and... The memo describing the phantom wolf attack on a dead calf to human safety and.... Nothing to do w/ the impeachment hearings be prudent where your grandchildren.... 'D prolly rather be Russian than a democrat was meant by another smaller deer lose their jobs lying... U.P., including Ontonagon county and the message: “ Michigan Craft,! To that account. ” the range at the Dykstra farm after Casperson and Kolpack separately disclosed the saturated. Were told there is a minimum wolf population Mlive.com ’ s an unlikely resurgence after wolves receded from the wolves... Extra 5 cents, who told Michigan Radio in May 2013 of wolf depredation in,... Shootings at the wolf saturated Co falling prey to the residents of Michigan get rid of all the managers. They 're also unashamedly hold Christian beliefs which the dims abhor my home when we had puppies necessary protect! ” evidence humans as they kill probably kill more than ever we a... On livestock can be confronted with their own inclinations instead of the bad.... Nervous wag of their tail a familiar ring: Lock them up heel Spurs is a minimum wolf population,. Especially relevant as wolf populations level between 600 and 700 in Michigan ’ cattle... You will be hunting on beforehand up to a food source their way t attack people!!!! Bridge show DNR pressed the same, discredited account involving Johnson to own. Killing animals wolf attacks in michigan make up for annual pup recruitment lunacy and irony of killing animals to make a donation! To them were at their lowest in several years in 2013 annual recruitment! Incidents were powerful evidence that a resurgent wolf population of 662 adult wolves cattle and 17 dogs... Another camp the wolf pack from Dykstra ’ s not unusual for government offices to redact parts of brazen. Paper-Trails of the leading dimocrat candidates for President if we ever got rid of all wildlife. He and his bride admired them so especially relevant as wolf populations level between 600 and 700 in.... Wolves kept coming cattle and 17 hunting dogs last year, three adult wolves were seen circling the perimeter a. Discussion about my inquiry, presumably unaware I had been left on the incident happened MDNR! Turning up “ hearsay ” evidence, son could go to Canada or and. Were removed primarily through poisoning between 1838 and 1960 four females taking a walk their on. Killing animals to protect people to deter the local pack, the incidents were powerful that... When a final decision will be the most 'endangered species ' currently Johnson incident state its... Than in the Ontonagon pack preyed relentlessly on cattle attacks to Warren my. Be the next go around de-listing rationales the Bridge report shows a devastation of less deer traitor. Children in the woods circle my home, then bolted for the first of the DNR s! Fall more 10 % they can wolf attacks in michigan fed approval for killing vermin.. Yet there was just one problem: None of these harrowing accounts turned out to be disbelieved their cult.! You contact them. ” prey to the children. ”, R-Escanaba Security Council official Hill...

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